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My Application to Heaven

May 12, 2010

Before I elaborate, this post is a single song (as opposed to an EP or LP), and one of the most well executed songs in the history of Hardcore at that. And that’s a statement I will defend. My Application to Heaven is easily one of Pg. 99’s most well known songs, and most quoted. The song in many ways sums up the emotion that Pg. 99 bellowed throughout their career. It’s fast, it’s rough, it’s powerful as hell. This may just be one song, but it easily will blow you away more than half of the Hardcore LP’s we’ve put up here through the years.


Slint EP

October 2, 2008

As requested.

But like seriously, this EP is just DELICIOUS. My ears can’t get enough of Glenn and just mm. There’s only two songs on it but to think that it was all recorded in ’89 and it still sounds fantastic makes me so happy.

Yeah. I’m a Slint fangirl. Shut up.

Download link now fixed!