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December 10, 2008

“Anyway, to continue talking about music.
1) When I’m at Reggae/Dub shows I hate being surrounded by stoners or, even worse, white guys with dreads.
2) When I’m at Goth shows I hate having to deal with the fat girls squeezing themselves into corsets and the boys stealing their sisters eyeliner.
3) When I’m at small Indie shows I want to see girls who wear less than 5 jumpers, all of which they bought in second hand stores. I wouldn’t mind but they’re not even girl jumpers.
4) When I’m at larger Indie shows I want to see less girls wearing thick glasses for no reason. I wear thick glasses, but that’s because I need glasses and they suit my face.
5) When I’m at a Rockabilly show, I hate having to deal with the girls who think it’s all about being a skank. This is tripled if Burlesque is mentioned on the flyer.
6) When I’m at Breakcore gigs I hate that everyone just wants to get fucked up.
7) When I’m at Punk gigs I hate all the old guys breaking out their studded leather jackets and mocking the MCR fans.
8) When I’m at a Post-Rock gig, I hate the skinny guys in check shirts and big glasses who stand with a bottle in one hand and their girlfriend (who is always incredibly hot) in the other, who is also wearing really bog glasses, but she obviously doesn’t need them.
9) I hate when I’m at Hip-Hop shows that everyone around me is quite obviously more into bitches and bling than the Hip-Hop. And I also hate the fact that I’d love to go up to the DJ afterwards and talk to him or her but I’m far too trendy, middle class and white to ever be taken seriously.
10) When I’m at metal gigs, I hate that one skinhead guy who’s like 300 pounds and just stands in the middle of the pit and windmills. Seriously, I’ve seen this guy at shows since I was like 14. Whilst I have no fear of being in a pit normally, the guy is more than twice my weight and usually drunk. If he hits me, it’s going to drop me like a sack of shit.
11) I hate when I go to see a band for the first time in Dublin, and it’s in a smaller venue. And the crowd is small enough that I can talk to the band afterwards. And then we strike up a bit of a friendship. And then the next time they come around the crowd has gotten bigger, and I can go and congratulate them on getting big. And then the third time everyones heard them on the radio, so all the assholes show up and start showing off to their mates.

Basically, I go to loads of different kinds of gigs, and at every single kind of gig there’s a different kind of asshole. If you’re there for the music, you’ll be able to ignore them. If you’re there to be seen, then yeah, you’re kinda fucked. But don’t go dissing the Scene kids just because it’s the new trendy thing. They enjoy the music just as much as you do, they just look different.

Like I said, I’m skinny, white, middle class and dress like an Indie Fag. Does this mean that I’m just showing up to Grindcore shows to look cool? No. I’m doing it because I really like Grindcore. End of.”

Ferrau, from here.

Rolo Tomassi – Hysterics

October 18, 2008




McClane – Push Start

October 12, 2008

Tightest band out of Canberra ever with a 56 second average for their songs.

I have homework to do no time for in depth descriptions or punctuation I suck I know but stay tuned for moar plz and if you’re in Melbourne come see these guys on the first of next month at Catfood okay? okay!