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A Fine Boat, That Coffin! – The Second Nail

October 6, 2009

secondnailob9My fellow blogger Stacey seems to be in a Screamo mood, so here is my contribution. The following band is a very distinguished band hailing from the German scene of Screamo. It’s been so long since I’ve listened to them, but their definitely a unique sound.





Einermusstot – GroƟstadtraeume

September 1, 2009

7727549This album is fast, like fifteen second songs fast. I find that you can’t listen to it too much, as it’s overpowering. But little tastes of it to quell feelings of restlessness are good. Hmm, I don’t know. I almost hesitate to post this on this blog, as it’s really raw. Download at yr. own risk.



Long Distance Calling – Avoid This Light

July 8, 2009

longdistavoidI haven’t really heard any new music lately that has really caught my attention… everything seems bland or over done… I really don’t know what it is… it could just be me…

But anyway, I found this today and it’s really got me back into post-rock. It’s far from my usual ambient stuff, but it’s big bold and ballsy and kickass… first track clocks in at over 12 minutes. Total wankery and I love it.

Download. (big file 100mb+)