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HṚṢṬA – Discography

July 20, 2012

We took a brief hiatus from new releases we like to “classics” we like. HRSTA for all of you who aren’t familiar is a project from Mike Moya. He left GY!BE (and then came back when they got back together). HRSTA uses a lot of whispery thin vocals and unconventional sounds, like mock-theremins with a screwdriver on the fretboard of a guitar. Unfortunately it looks like they’re on a bit of a break.


Download Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes.

Download L’éclat du ciel était insoutenable.

Download Stem Stem In Electro.


Sea Oleena – Sleeplessness

July 15, 2012


Sea Oleena is an absolutely talented artist from Canada. As of writing this it looks like her work is entirely self released and recorded.

On her Bandcamp you’ll find collaborative stuff from her as well that features her gorgeous voice, but her solo work remains to be my favourite.




Precious Fathers – Precious Fathers

December 11, 2009

My computer is fixed, so maybe I’ll post here some more (although Stacey always has better posts than me). Anyways, you can tell these guys have done their fair share of listening to Math-Rock. It’s definitely more upbeat than your average Post-Rock band, kinda Shoegazey. What’s really cool is that these guys are from Vancouver and I’m thinking about relocating there, any band I can half enjoy really is exciting to me. Alaskan music sucks.




Chad VanGaalen – Infiniheart

June 13, 2009

Chad_VanGaalen_InfiniheartThis is going to be in my head for a week or so – so I thought I’d force others into my addiction. Chad is good. Chad is great.

Download link is down – try this.