1905 – Voice

33.3 – Plays Music

3epkano – At Land

65daysofstatic – The Destruction of Small Ideas


Ace Enders and a Million Other People – Australian EP

A Dead Forest Index – Empty and Dark I Shall Raise My Lantern

Adebisi Shank – This is the Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

Adebisi Shank – The EP of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

A Fine Boat, That Coffin! – The Second Nail

Age Sixteen – Open Up Finders, Please

A Hundred Thousand – Metaphase

Alessa – My Brother Was Eaten By Wolves on the Connecticut Turnpike

Algernon Cadwallader – Hot Green

Algernon Cadwallader – Demo

Amanda Woodward – La Decadence De La Decadence

Amber Daybreak – Sentinels

Ambient Ashes – Mind Gears

And So I Watch You From Afar – Tonight the City Burns

…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead – The Century of Self

Anton Bordman – Where Do Dolls Originate

The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha

The Ascent of Everest – How Lonely Sits the City!

At the Drive-In Relationship of Command

Ativin – Night Mute

At the Drive-In – In/Casino/Out

At the Drive-In – Relationship of Command

Aussitôt Mort – 6 Songs

Aussitôt Mort – Montuenga

Auto!Automatic!! – Another Round Won’t Get Us Down

A. Wallace – Dark Hallways & Other Ghost Songs


Baron Noir – L’Epoque Exige De Bons Gestionnaires

Behead the Prophet, No Lord Shall Live – I Am the Great and Fiery Force

Bitcrush – Epilogue In Waves

The Boats – Los Musicos Perdidos

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

The Blue Letter – Prima Facie


The Calm Blue Sea – Siegfried: An Original Score by The Calm Blue Sea

Canyonsofstatic – The Disappearance

Carlisle – Discography

Cash Money Bros. Live

The Caution Children – Vacations

C’est La Guerre – Demo

Cease Upon the Capitol EP

Celery Demos


Chad VanGaalen – Infiniheart

Charlottefield – How Long Are You Staying

Chon EP

Chris Rehm – Salivary Stones

Collarbones – mk i

Converge – Jane Doe

Converge – No Heroes

Crime Novels – No Fences

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes – Demo


Daïtro – Laissez Vivre Les Squelettes

Daïtro – Y

Dakota/Dakota – Shoot in the Dark

Daniel Striped Tiger – Daniel Striped Tiger

David Bazan – American Flags

Dead Pan Rangers – Not Much Less Further Than Last Time

Decoder Ring – They Blind the Stars and the Wild Team

Deepset – The Lights We Shed Shall Burn Your Eyes

Destroyalldreamers – Glare/Halo

Devar-toi – Devar-toi

Do Make Say Think – Other Truths

Dont Look Back – Brighter

Dot Flash Line – Easter Demo


Einermusstot – Großstadtraeume

Elks 3″

Erik Enocksson – With Its Dark Tail Curled ’round the Garage

The Evpatoria Report – Maar

The Exploration – Basement Demo

The Exploration – Summer Demo

Ex-Spectator Demo


Fago.Sepia – Lâme Sûre Ruse Mal

Fireships – Split w/ Luca Brasi

Friend/Enemy – 10 Songs

Fulton Girls Club – I Eat Tinsel


Gantz – La Chambre Des Morts

Gay for Johnny Depp – Erotically Charged Dance Songs for the Desperate

Ghostlimb – Bearing and Distance

Giants – Old Stories

Giraffes? Giraffes!! – Superbass!!! SUPERBASS!!!! (Black Death Greatest Hits Vol. 1)

Grails – Take Refuge in Clean Living

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grown Ups  – Songs


Halfway to Holland Discography

Hazards of Swimming Naked – Our Lines Are Down

Heads and Heads – Heads and Heads

Heirs – Alchera

Hej Ninja! – Hej Ninja!


Ian – Riot at the Galleria

Intentions – Demo

Iron & Wine – The Creek Drank the Cradle

Isodora Crane – The Impossibilities of a Static Universe


Jakob – Solace

James Dean Demo

Japanese Sunday – Taps Taps Lights Out

The Joe-K Plan – Demo

John Cota Demo

June of 44 – Tropics and Meridians


Kill the Zodiac – Dying Locust

Kill the Zodiac – Retrieval System


Labradford – Mi Media Naranja

La Dispute – Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair

La Dispute – Vancouver

La Fin Du Monde – Monolith


Lautrec – 8 Songs

Lebanon – Planet Rubble

Left Hand Cuts the Right – You Breathed Like Winter

Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort – Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort

Limp Wrist – Discography

The Littlest Viking – Labor & Lust

Loma Prieta – Last City

Long Distance Calling – Avoid This Light

Loose Lips Sink Ships – Loose Lips Sink Ships

Love Like… Electrocution – Love Like… Electrocution

Luca Brasi – Split w/ Fireships


Mae – (M)orning

Magdalene – Magdalene

Majorca 7″

Manacle – Paper Hands

Maneuvers – Leeds

Margins – Margins

The Mars Volta – Octahedron

Marvins Revolt – Killec

McClane – Push Start

Mesa Verde – The Old Road

Mihai Edrisch

Minus the Bear – Highly Refined Pirates

Mono – Hymn to the Immortal Wind

My Hear To Joy – Seasons In Verse


Neil on Impression – L’oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre

Neil on Impression – The Perfect Tango


Ólafur Arnalds – Found Songs

Ólafur Arnalds – Variations of Static

The One Up Downstairs – The One Up Downstairs

Our Ceasing Voice – Steadied Stars in the Morphium Sky


Piglet – Lava Land

The Pirate Ship Quintet – Self Titled

Portraits of Past – 01010101

Portraits of Past – Cypress Dust Witch

Precious Fathers – Precious Fathers

Pygmy Lush -Mount Hope

Pyramids – Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases


Québec – Together We Have Grown, Together We Shall Bloom

Quiet Steps EP


Raein – Il N’y A Pas D’Orchestre

Raein – Nati Da Altri Padr

Red Sparowes – Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun

The Reptilian – Boy’s Life

The Reptilian – We Have Become

Rev Utah Smith and Rev Lonnie Faris – Slide Guitar Gospels

Rolo Tomassi – Hysterics


Schrodingers Cat – Stimulated Emission

Sed Non Satiata – Le Ciel De Notre Enfance

Sequioa – Self Titled Seven Inch

Six Gallery Demo

Sleeping People – Growing

The Sleepy Trees – Settings

Slint EP

Solkyri Demo

Sora Shima – Destroy Electronica

Stop It!! – Self Made Maps

Swallow! Swallow! Splinter! – Demo

SWIMS – Beauty in Battle

Suffocate For Fuck Sake – Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Front Page Of The Newspaper


Talons’ – Talon’s in HD

Tenebre – In Everything Give Thanks


This Is Your Captain Speaking – Eternal Return

This Town Needs Guns – Animals

This Will Destroy You – This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain

Thursday – Common Existence

Toe – The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety


Tortoise – Beacons of Ancestorship

Trinitron Meets the Mars People – Mars People Meets the Trinitron

Tunes for Bears to Dance to – Asking in Askance


Unlearn – Places

Us, Haunted Bodies 7″


Verbal – The Name We Sell Now

Volta Do Mar – At the Speed of Light


We Are Knives – We Have Become Like Knives

We Made God – As We Sleep

William Fitzsimmons – The Sparrow and the Crow



You.May.Die.In.The.Desert – Bears of the Yukon

You Already Know – Stop Whispering


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